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I came across some interesting background information about a hymn in our cur rent hymnal. This is an excerpt from web article from the Georgia Baptist Mission Board website: (

Worthy of Worship by Harry Eskew

“Worthy of Worship,” among the most popular of the new hymns introduced in the 1991 Baptist Hymnal is the work of two members of the hymnal committee who were also serving at the Baptist Sunday School Board (now Lifeway), Terry W. York and L. Mark Blankenship. Terry York (b. Atchison, KS, 1949) wrote the words and Mark Blankenship (b. Chicago, 1943) composed the tune, named JUDSON after Judson Baptist Church in Nashville where they were then members.

Terry York recalls driving home late one evening in Nashville traffic and the words of phrases of the hymn coming suddenly to his mind. He kept repeating these words until he arrived home, where he immediately wrote them on a grocery list. After he shared them with Mark, Terry asked him, “Do you think these words sing?” A few days later Mark had composed the tune and they added the new hymn to an Easter musical they had written, “Praise the Risen Savior,” published in 1988 by the Board’s Van Ness Press. They weren’t sure just how well their hymn would be received until the 1991 Baptist Hymnal Com-mittee approved it. Prior to the publication of the hymnal, “Worthy of Worship” was included in a pamphlet of new hymns and introduced to enthusiastic congregations during church music conferences at Ridgecrest and Glorieta.

Mark Blankenship became the director of the Church Music Department at the Sunday School Board and is now retired and living at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Terry York currently serves on the faculty of the George Truett Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, Texas.
Terry York recalls one especially inspiring occasion when he heard their hymn sung several years ago in Malaysia at the World Association of Chinese Church Musicians. Shortly before he was to speak at this conference in Malaysia, a children’s choir from mainland China sang “Worthy of Worship” from memory in Chinese! Terry was so moved he could hardly begin his speech.

“Worthy of Worship” is not only for singing, it is a hymn rich in theology that is well worth studying. How should we wor-ship God? How can we address God? Although “Worthy of Worship” is rich in theology, it is simple enough to be sung by children, as in the Chinese Children’s Choir that Terry York heard in Malaysia.


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Needed NOW…singers and musicians to commit to being a part of a team of singers and musicians.Auditions are mandatory and having a passion for Contemporary worship music is a must.