Worship Services:

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 8:30 am - Contemporary

11:00 am - Traditional


Bible Study: 9:45 am

See our bulletin for regular scheduled activities.

Our Mission:


First Baptist Church of Crystal River exists to Touch Hearts and Transform Lives by Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ!  

Come join us on this exciting Mission!


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Wednesday Schedule:

Wednesday Night Supper 4:30 - 5:45
Kids Praise 6:00-7:30
Awana Clubs 6:00-7:30 Resumes in August
Handbell Choir 6:15 - 7:00 Ressumes Aug 12
Youth 6:00-7:30
Adult Prayer & Bible Study 6:00-7:15
Adult Choir 7:15-8:30


View our Calendar for more activities.



Meet Our Staff

Dr. Tim Lantzy, Senior Pastor
Tim Wuester, Min. of Worship Arts
Ben Gavrun, Min. of Youth/Education
Miss Kelly Lapp, Children's Director


Contact Our Church

Monday-Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm
700 N Citrus Avenue
Crystal River, FL 34428
Ph:  352.795.3367
Fax: 352.795.3714



Welcome to First Baptist Church of Crystal River, Florida

We welcome everyone to our church and fellowship. If you are looking for a loving, caring and Bible preaching church, come and visit us at First Baptist. Our doors are always open. If you have special needs or need someone to pray with you, feel free to call our church office.

The ABC's of Becoming A Christian

  • Admit that you have sinned, that you have broken God’s Law.
  • Believe that Jesus Christ died for every wrong thing you’ve ever done. Believe that He was buried and rose again on the third day.
  • Confess to Jesus that you want Him to forgive you and lead your life.

Are you ready to receive Jesus into your life? Say this prayer, “God, I admit that I have sinned against you. I believe that Jesus died for me and rose again. The best way I know how, I receive Jesus into my life to lead me and save me. Amen.”

Please contact one of our staff so that we may pray with you and help you understand what it means to becoming a Christian.

A Note From Our Pastor

Our focus this September is outreach. We want to make a concentrated effort to touch hearts and transform lives with the good news of Jesus Christ. We want to do everything we can to reach beyond our walls and invite people who aren’t going to church to join us this month.

 I’m beginning a new message series on September 13th called “Heaven: It’s Not What You Think.” For six weeks I’ll be teaching about what the Bible says about heaven. My goal is to answer some common questions about heaven like these: Is heaven a real place? How long does heaven last? What will I do in heaven? What will my body look like in heaven? Are there animals in heaven? Will I eat in heaven? Will I like heaven?

The most important question I’ll be answering is this one: Who goes to heaven? The Bible has great news in telling us that we can know for certain that we’re going to heaven. What about your friends and family members? Do they know they’re going to heaven? Each week for the six weeks of this series I’ll be giving people an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. Your friend will have a opportunity to hear the gospel and receive Jesus Christ each week they come to church with you.

How can you get involved in these exciting six weeks? One, make plans to be here all six weeks. Two, use the Invite Cards to invite a friend to join you for this series. You want your friends to go to heaven with you, right? As one youth pastor put it, “Friends don’t let friends go to hell!” Third, join a Bible study at 9:45 a.m. for these six weeks and get to know some people. If you don’t attend a Bible study class, we’re starting a new class on heaven that lasts for just six weeks. Join others in talking about heaven in more detail. Finally, join us for a special time of prayer on Sunday, September 13 th at 4:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. We want to join our hearts together and pray that God will move in a dramatic way in our church this fall. We want to see people come to faith in Christ during the heaven message series. We want to see Christians excited about their faith and sharing their faith with others. We want to see God move as only He can in our church.

September is outreach month. It’s a time to reach others with the good news of Jesus Christ. Let’s all work together to reach out to others by touching hearts and transforming lives!

God Bless,

Pastor Tim


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